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How Email marketing is future for bloggers?

We are living in the era of the internet, email goes back to the inception of the internet. Most people think email marketing is dying but my personal experience differs. I was with the team who thinks that Email marketing is only for our ancestors but my perspective changed a lot. Mainly it is because of my own experience with blogging and how my blogging journey become supported by email Marketing.

Email Marketing helps you to connect with your customers, clients, and viewers. You can connect with them and then it will not be like you are just selling your pitch but connecting with their core desires. You can set personal connections and trust with your potential customers. Email marketing can help you convert your leads and get more views, which will be more permanent.

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy where you send emails about updates regarding your new article, products, and or about yourself. So people can get reminders that you exist in their lives.

Email is the first step when you enter the world of the internet. This number is constantly increasing and more and more people are internet using email than ever.

Art of writing an email

Look you are visiting your friend’s house and you will behave in a certain way.  If you want to be charming and want to impress them the most obvious way is behaving naturally you would not use poetic language to capture their attention. You will not just go and raise a banner where you are introducing a new product and that’s it. if we want to connect and communicate with them then we have to use a new approach. When connecting with other’s most important thing is take interest in their’s interest. you connect with their core desires and what they really want. When you give what the other person really wants then you can be successful.

Today we are going to address the first thing which comes to mind when we talk about Email marketing – it is building a marketing list. At first, it looks more daunting than it is as where to find like-minded people. People do not trust online and why would they? There are millions of blogs, videos, YouTubers, and content creators. Everyone is trying to improve their email list so you have to be unique and provide new and helping content related to your list so they can stick around.

Give something free first

Give something to get something – a very common saying in the marketing textbooks. And we can successfully apply this in our digital marketing techniques. People do not know what you are selling and then why would they spend their hard-earned money on you. So give them incentives related to your products. This can be a free pdf of your course or an introductory ebook of some skills so people crave for more and they will tune in so you can expand your marketing list.

Writing your email

Understand your target audience. When you understand what they are really looking for then you can craft your marketing list in that way so they can be happy. Happy emotion turns everything good. If you are working in a creative, productive, or technology niche then you understand all these people behave in a certain way, they all are expecting information to be organized that way. So as a creator you should be aware of and then write your email in a way that is way more appealing than your competitors. This will also maintain my first point which was to establish a connection with your audience and this strategy will help you to do that.

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